When Daily Beast management – led by our new corporate partners Ben Sherwood and Joanna Coles – informed us several weeks ago they were looking to slash staff in our newsroom, our bargaining team went right to work.

We successfully negotiated a robust buyout plan for our members, giving them the chance to decide for themselves if they wanted to leave the company. Twenty-five unit members, or roughly 70 percent of our unit, applied for the buyout. Our members now have a seven-day window to accept the buyout or rescind their application, which will mean the total number of members who choose to leave could change.

We have also won job security for unit members who choose to stay with the Company. Because we expect to exceed $1.5 million in payroll savings through the buyouts, unit members will be protected from any layoffs through Dec. 31, 2024.

We have also struck a tentative two-year collective bargaining agreement with the Company that benefits all of our members, whether they are choosing to take a buyout or staying. We have achieved retroactive pay increases from January 1 for all members. For members who are staying, the contract lifts wages for the lowest earners by at least 4% in 2024 (4.5% in 2025); mid-range earners by 2.5% in 2024 and 3% in 2025; higher-paid earners by 1% in 2024 and 1.5% in 2025; and top-paid workers by .5% in both years.

We have been in the driver's seat of this process since Sherwood and Coles arrived at the Beast. We have battled with Company lawyers, demanded information in the face of uncertainty, and have won the fight for our colleagues to design their own futures. The security and dignity we’ve afforded our colleagues affirms that our work is valuable and empowering. No matter how many members accept the buyout, our work as a Union will continue. Managers come and go, but we, the Daily Beast Union, are here to stay.


TRENTON – New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy on Wednesday signed into law a bill rolling back significant portions of the Open Public Records Act (OPRA), ignoring the pleas of hundreds of NewsGuild members, community organizers and members of the public calling for the state to protect this vital tool of transparency.


The Daily Beast Union learned this morning in a throwaway line at the end of an email that new management had replaced EIC Tracy Connor. Tracy has contributed years of valuable service to our newsroom, mentored countless young journalists, and organized an untold number of office Secret Santas. Throughout the chaos of these recent, abrupt changes in leadership, she has supported, defended, and shielded the newsroom. The Daily Beast would not be what it is without Tracy’s inimitable talents and years of expertise, and we will miss her dearly. In addition, we are disappointed by the disrespectful treatment that she has received over the past few weeks — and this includes the nature of her dismissal.


On Wednesday, Vox Media informed New York Magazine employees that our company had entered into a partnership with OpenAI. This was the first time that the employees of New York Magazine, and the members of the New York Magazine Union, even heard that such an arrangement was under consideration.


The unionized members of The Atlantic Editorial and Business and Technology units are deeply troubled by the opaque agreement The Atlantic has made with OpenAI, and especially by management’s complete lack of transparency about what the agreement entails and how it will affect our work. Atlantic staffers have largely learned of this agreement from outside sources, and both the company and OpenAI have refused to answer questions about the terms of the deal. Instead, they’ve directed staffers to the very same outside reporting. 


In light of recent developments within The Daily Beast, we have negotiated a robust buyout plan for our members, which will allow them to decide for themselves if they wish to leave the company on their own terms.


NEW YORK – Unionized journalists at the Daily News have approved a vote of no confidence against the paper’s Executive Editor, Andrew Julien, who has sat back and watched as the paper’s owner, predatory hedge fund Alden Global Capital, drains resources from their newsroom.


NEW YORK –  For months, unionized journalists at Lifehacker, Mashable, and PCMag have asked for wages that keep up with inflation and transparency on how AI would be used in their work.


NEW YORK – NewsGuild of New York-represented staff at Condé Nast brands such as Vanity Fair, GQ, Vogue, Glamour, Bon Appétit and more on Tuesday overwhelmingly ratified a three-year contract with the publisher.


NEW YORK – The unionized journalists behind The New York Times’s Wirecutter have unanimously approved a new three-year contract, a direct result of their commitment to securing a fair contract that recognizes and rewards their contributions. 


Letter outlines numerous leadership failures including blatant disrespect at the bargaining table, unlawful layoffs of 10% of the newsroom without reason and a lack of any clear editorial vision.


NEW YORK – Unionized editorial workers, represented by The NewsGuild of New York, at People, People video, Entertainment Weekly and Martha Stewart Living have reached contract agreements with Dotdash Meredith in a joint deal that, among other things, lifts the average union worker’s pay immediately by an average of 15%.


NEW YORK – The NewsGuild of New York supports state Senate Bill S7759, which would keep police radio transmissions open to the public.


NEW YORK –  NewsGuild of New York-represented staff at Condé Nast brands such as Vanity Fair, GQ, Vogue, Glamour, Bon Appétit and more have reached a tentative contract agreement with the company, averting what could have been a work stoppage timed to begin today, the day of the Met Gala.


NEW YORK –  Unionized staff at Condé Nast brands such as Vanity Fair, GQ, Glamour, Bon Appétit and more have pledged to walk off the job after months of contentious bargaining on their first contract as well as on management’s proposed layoffs – and with the Met Gala a week away.


NEW YORK –  Unionized staff at Condé Nast brands such as Vanity Fair, GQ, Bon Appétit and more will be distributing informational fliers tonight throughout the neighborhood of infamous Vogue editor Anna Wintour, to bring attention to their fight for a fair contract against her and other executives at the company. 


NEW YORK – Unionized journalists of color at Forbes magazine continue to be paid less than their white counterparts – and that divide has widened, according to a new study by Forbes Union and The NewsGuild of New York.


NEW YORK –  After Tuesday’s contentious bargaining session in which Condé Nast management added five more people to their layoff list – and threatened to add even more  – Condé Union members have had enough and are protesting this afternoon inside the magazine giant’s headquarters at One World Trade Center.


NEW YORK – Unionized editorial workers, represented by The NewsGuild of New York at LexisNexis-owned Law360, have walked off the job in a 24-hour work stoppage to protest layoffs that violate labor law. 


NEW YORK - Instead of coming to the table ready to bargain in good faith Tuesday, Condé Nast executives chose to bring no new contract proposals, and to instead add five more names to their list of union employees they want to lay off.


NEW YORK – With today’s news that Minute Media will be taking over as publisher of Sports Illustrated, SI’s unionized journalists say they welcome the change and look forward to remaining part of the storied brand’s future.


The NewsGuild of New York, CWA Local 31003, a dynamic member-led union, seeks an experienced, New York City-based Director of Collective Bargaining with bargaining, organizing and managerial skills, ready to support members and union staff working in a rapidly changing media industry.  


NEW YORK – Unionized editorial workers, represented by The NewsGuild of New York at LexisNexis-owned Law360, have taken legal action over planned layoffs that would affect 10 percent of their union. 


NEW YORK – The NewsGuild of New York strongly opposes NJ bills S2930 and A4045, which would decimate the New Jersey Open Public Records Act and roll back vital avenues used to hold the powerful accountable and bring information to the public.


NEW YORK – Times management violated the New York Times Guild’s contract when it harassed members and discriminated against them during its investigation into an alleged leak of newsroom information about “The Daily” to the Intercept.

In an email distributed to its membership on Friday, The Times Guild strongly condemned management’s targeted interrogation of members of the Middle Eastern North African (MENA) Employee Resource Group. Susan DeCarava, the president of The NewsGuild of New York, also sent an email on Friday to Times publisher A.G. Sulzberger.

On Saturday, Times management sent a response in an email to all newsroom employees in which management asserted, among other things: “The inquiry is focused narrowly on how internal materials were shared with outsiders.”

This is not true. 

On Tuesday, The Times Guild filed a grievance on behalf of the union, citing management’s intimidation of certain employees during hostile, aggressive interviews that transgressed far outside the scope of any investigation into potential leaks. Members faced extensive questions about their involvement in MENA ERG events and discussions, and about their views of the Times’s Middle East coverage. Group leaders were asked to turn over the group’s membership list, as well as the names of all New York Times colleagues who had “raised concerns” — in private discussions — about a published New York Times article.

Multiple members were also asked to hand over their personal communications, on their personal devices and digital accounts, with other employees about shared workplace concerns — conversations that had nothing to do with the internal materials specific to “The Daily” that are the stated focus of this inquiry. 

“We cannot allow the company to target our members, and this grievance is a first step toward protecting them,” said Bill Baker, Times Guild unit chair. “This investigation has been incredibly damaging, creating an environment where no one feels safe to raise internal concerns, even through the designated channels for doing so. For us as a union, we can’t let that stand.” 



NEW YORK – Members of the Sports Illustrated Union are putting The Arena Group and any other potential publishers of the storied sports brand on notice that SI cannot exist without the union and are calling out The Arena’s Group clear union-busting tactics. 


NEW YORK – Employees at The Marshall Project, an award-winning, nonprofit news organization focused on the American criminal justice system, announced Thursday that they are forming a union.


The New York Post is reporting that ABG is considering a deal that would result in The Arena Group keeping the rights to operate Sports Illustrated while going through with its widely publicized plans to gut our staff and eliminate our union. If this comes to pass, then it would represent the true death of SI. 


NEW YORK – Unionized editorial workers at LexisNexis-owned Law360 voted to authorize a strike Monday, as a direct result of the company’s persistent intransigence at the bargaining table, unlawful tactics that violate union members’ rights and planned layoffs following record profits in ‘23.


NEW YORK –  Unionized journalists at New York’s Hometown Paper, the Daily News, have taken new legal action against the newspaper’s owner, predatory hedge fund Alden Global Capital, over continued violations of their federally protected rights as union members.


NEW YORK – The NewsGuild of New York and Sports Illustrated Union took legal action against The Arena Group on Thursday, accusing the company of targeting employees for immediate termination because of their union activity.


NEW YORK – The NewsGuild of New York and Sports Illustrated Union took legal action against The Arena Group on Thursday, accusing the company of targeting employees for immediate termination because of their union activity.


We are appalled and angry that Business Insider has chosen, like too many other newsrooms recently, to lay off 22 of our talented members as well as many of our non-union colleagues.


NEW YORK – Unionized editorial staff at Forbes are walking off the job through Monday in protest of the business magazine’s attempts to prevent union members from exercising their rights as well as slow-walking contract negotiations.


NEW YORK – Journalists at New York’s Hometown Newspaper, the Daily News, are walking out Thursday — the first walkout since the end of their historic strike in 1991 — fed up with chronic cuts ordered by the paper’s owner, the ‘destroyer of newspapers’ Alden Global Capital.


NEW YORK –  Outraged over the unlawful handling of layoff negotiations and bad-faith bargaining, unionized staff at many of the top Condé Nast brands have walked off the job for one day and will picket outside One World Trade Center in New York City today. 


NEW YORK – NBC Digital NewsGuild and The NewsGuild of New York unequivocally condemn NBC management’s announcement Thursday of plans to lay off 14 Guild-represented workers as part of broader layoffs at the company.


NEW YORK – We are disappointed to see Axel Springer publicly call the integrity of its journalists into question in response to attacks on our members’ coverage of Neri Oxman and Bill Ackman. We stand behind our members’ work, which serves as the foundation for Business Insider’s success and reputation. 


NEW YORK –  Condé Nast executives – who have sought to intimidate and surveil the company’s unionized workers since management announced layoff plans in November – are now facing further legal action from The NewsGuild of New York over unlawful bargaining tactics during Condé Union’s layoff negotiations.