Scholarships, Fellowships & Grants

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Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA)

“Supporting Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in journalism, encouraging news diversity" through scholarships and internship grants.

ASJA Writers Emergency Assistance Fund

“The Writers Emergency Assistance Fund helps established freelance writers who, because of advanced age, illness, disability, a natural disaster, or an extraordinary professional crisis are unable to work. A writer need not be a member of ASJA to qualify for a grant.”

Chris Hondros Fund

"The Chris Hondros Fund supports and advances the work of photojournalists and raises awareness of the issues facing those reporting from conflict areas."
Twitter: @hondrosfund

Dart Fellowships

“The Dart Center offers several fellowships that educate journalists on core issues of trauma science and provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, experiences and challenges in the field. In addition, Dart fellowships equip journalists to approach and interview victims and survivors with greater knowledge, sensitivity, skill and success; understand the complexity of trauma survivors' experiences; tell more insightful, multi-dimensional and nuanced stories about trauma and those impacted directly or indirectly and make better, more ethical news choices when covering traumatic events.”

Deadline Club Scholarship Program

“The scholarship program is open to graduate and undergraduate journalism students enrolled in journalism or journalism-oriented communications programs in the New York City metropolitan area, which includes all campuses within 50 miles of Columbus Circle.”

Front Line Defenders

"Front Line Defenders is the International Foundation for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders." Includes grants, training, advocacy, emergency hotline & relocation services.
Twitter: @FrontLineHRD