It is with deep appreciation for her pioneering service to our union that The NewsGuild of New York honors our first woman president, Betsy Wade. By all accounts, she was a force to be reckoned with and she leaves us with an indelible legacy of fighting hard to hold employers accountable to all of the workers who make them successful and ensure journalists have a voice in their newsrooms. We remain committed to these goals each and every day.


Staffers at four renowned media brands — Entertainment Weekly, Martha Stewart Living, Shape Magazine and PeopleTV — announced today that they have formed a union with The NewsGuild of New York. Read their mission statements. 


From CJR | Media companies haven’t made newsrooms inclusive. Can unions?


There will be a nomination meeting held for a vacant Executive Committee position, open to all members in good standing of the NewsGuild of New York . The meeting will be conducted via virtual Zoom meeting on November 10, 2020, from 5:30 p.m. until 6 p.m.


The NewsGuild of New York, representing nearly 4,000 media professionals and journalists, stands with our colleagues at The NewsGuild-CWA, and at news organizations and journalism advocacy groups across the world in opposition to the proposal by the United States’ Department of Homeland Security to limit the duration of “I Visas” to 240 days.


From Labor Notes | After 95 years, at-will employment is over at The New Yorker. Our union finally won just cause in our first contract. Securing this protection took strong organizing and strategic mobilization—on top of nearly two years of negotiations. 


We, the staff of The Markup, are happy to announce that we have unionized with The NewsGuild of New York. Management responded to our request for voluntary recognition with an immediate and decisive yes, and full support for our union.


From CNN | The New Yorker union celebrated Monday after reaching an agreement with owner Condé Nast for a specific labor protection in its contract shortly before a planned picket.


Today, after a marathon bargaining session over the weekend ending this afternoon, NewsGuild of New York members of The New Yorker reached a tentative agreement on just cause for the union’s first contract. Members achieved true just cause without an editorial exception — a loophole that Condé Nast and other media companies have been using in an attempt to undermine a decades-long standard in unionized newsrooms. 


Extended through Oct. 7, 2020. There was a nomination meeting held for the position of NewsGuild of New York Local Chairperson and three Executive Committee positions open to all members in good standing of the NewsGuild of New York. The meeting was conducted via virtual Zoom meeting on September 23, 2020, from 2 p.m. until 2:30 p.m.


The NewsGuild of New York is incredibly appreciative of the support that our New Yorker Union members have received this week from Senator Elizabeth Warren, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and former Attorney General Eric Holder—all of whom have decided that, in solidarity with the union’s fight for just cause, they will not be participating in scheduled New Yorker Festival events until New Yorker management agrees to grant this fundamental labor protection to their employees. Our thanks, too, to the countless New Yorker subscribers and fellow union members who have stepped up to show their support.



There was a nomination meeting held for the position of NewsGuild of New York Local Chairperson and three Executive Committee positions open to all members in good standing of the NewsGuild of New York. The meeting was conducted via virtual Zoom meeting on September 23, 2020, from 2 p.m. until 2:30 p.m.


Today The New Yorker Union announced a digital picket on the evening Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Elizabeth Warren were set to speak at The New Yorker Festival. Both congresswomen have agreed to decline their invitations to the festival in support of the union's fight for crucial Just Cause protections. The members of the editorial unions from Ars Technica, BuzzFeed News, New York Magazine, Pitchfork, Quartz, Wirecutter, and Ziff Davis stand in solidarity with the congresswomen and with the New Yorker Union.


As New Yorker management refuses to agree to basic job security for its staff, the publication’s union plans informational picket of The New Yorker Festival. 


From The New York Times | Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have pulled out of next week’s New Yorker Festival, the star-studded annual event held by The New Yorker magazine, in solidarity with unionized editorial staff members, who are planning a digital picket line.


From Front Office Sports | Workers at some of the most recognizable digital sports websites have pushed to unionize even as union membership in the private sector is at its lowest point in 130 years.


There will be a nomination meeting held for the position of NewsGuild of New York Local Chairperson and three Executive Committee positions open to all members in good standing of the NewsGuild of New York. The meeting will be conducted via virtual Zoom meeting on September 23, 2020, from 2 p.m. until  2:30 p.m. ET.


The digital editorial employees of People Magazine won their union election after a digital vote count conducted by The American Arbitration Association (AAA) Friday afternoon. The overwhelming victory, 45-3, secured editorial staffers’ union representation with The NewsGuild of New York.


The racial, economic, and gender diversity of each of our workplaces has long been a priority for our members. It was, and remains, one of the most important reasons we organized in the first place: to have a voice in the growth and evolution of our work, we need true equity and inclusion. And negotiating over NewsGuild Diversity and Hiring proposals at Conde Nast has been a long process, beginning in early 2019, when the New Yorker Union first presented its Diversity and Inclusion proposal to David Remnick's bargaining team and Conde Nast representatives. 


From NiemanReports | As an uprising against racism and discrimination swept across the nation’s newsrooms in recent months, one of the issues raised at many of the organizations in upheaval was pay equity.


We have fought tirelessly over the last year to secure the future of our proud publication, while continuing to produce the quality journalism for which Sports Illustrated is known. During that time, Maven has gutted our staff and implemented an exploitative contributor model, undermining our editorial values and threatening our ability to uphold our high standard of work.


As we enter another month of the COVID-19 global pandemic amid continuing uncertainty, one thing that has remained constant is our collective membership’s commitment to the important mission of delivering high-quality, timely, and important programming to the public.


From In These Times, In The Gap Podcast | It’s hard to demand fair pay when you don’t actually know you’re being underpaid. Data engineer Megan shares her eye-opening and humbling experience with the practice of pay transparency on the job and explains how it ultimately empowered her at the negotiation table. Newly elected New York Guild President Susan DeCarava speaks on the importance of taking collective action against pay discrimination, and how pay transparency benefits everyone in the workplace, especially Black women.


As federal, state and local leadership grapple with what it means to re-open, many of us are facing deep concerns about safely returning to offices and workspaces where companies have yet to institute appropriate measures to guarantee the safety of workers.


We represent employees from every facet of The New York Times, from editorial to business, from specific departments to ERGs. We come to this meeting with a mandate for sustained change and urgency to engage in a very necessary and long-overdue discussion about how to improve the working experience of Black, Indigenous and people of color at the Times, BIPOC@NYT.


The Debra E. Bernhardt prize is an award of $1,000 given for an article that furthers the understanding of the history of working people.  Articles focused on historical events and articles about current issues (work, housing, organizing, health, education) that include historical context are both welcome. The work should be published in print or online between August 26, 2019 and August 30, 2020.


Vox Media announced today it will be laying off members of the New York Magazine Union, despite cost-saving alternatives that would have saved jobs across the company. This includes a number of members who had already been furloughed or were working reduced hours for the last three months.


Today, the New Yorker Union is undertaking a half-day work stoppage. From 9 A.M. to 1 P.M., union members will not participate in the production or the promotion of content for the print magazine or the Web site. We are withholding our labor to demand just cause in our contract, and in protest of management’s resistance to our proposal and refusal to provide us with information necessary for bargaining. If we do not receive a sufficient response from management on our just-cause proposal, we will be forced to take further action.


Our guiding principle, as a union, is to raise the standards of journalism and ethics in the industry. Our mission as Guild activists and leaders is to advance the economic interests and improve the working conditions of our members. That’s why, on Thursday, June 25, we’re launching a Local-wide Day of Action for #JustCauseNoExceptions.



At our Summer Membership Meeting on June 24, 2020, Dan Neuburger of People Magazine will be honored with the 2020 Thomas M. Keenan NewsGuild of New York Service Award. The Guild’s annual honor is presented to a long-serving member who has performed above and beyond in service to our union and who best exemplifies the ideals of a true labor leader.


Today, the Pitchfork Union is engaging in a half-day work stoppage. From 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. EST, union members will not publish or promote any new content on the website in protest of a blatant act of union-busting by Condé Nast and Pitchfork management.


From The Daily Beast | Employees at the music and culture site Pitchfork are staging a work stoppage in protest of what they say are anti-union initiatives taken by the publication and its parent company, magazine publisher Condé Nast.



From The Daily Beast | Employees at Maven Media Brands, the U.S. digital-media publisher that owns outlets like Sports Illustrated and Maxim, are calling upon the company to cut ties with a Blue Lives Matter website in its portfolio.


The NewsGuild of New York issues the following statement in response to a clear threat to the health and safety of journalists we represent. New York Times employees will send a letter directly to Times management about their concerns.


As workers, as journalists, and as members of The NewsGuild of New York, we have witnessed shameful attacks on the civil rights and liberties of the people of this country, including brazen violations of the First Amendment. From the police killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade and other Black people to the brutal attacks against those demanding justice, we are horrified and saddened by these hateful actions. These are not isolated tragedies and random violent acts; they are the result of centuries of anti-Black racism that shapes our nation’s history.


From The Daily Beast | BuzzFeed News staff are taking a paycut and agreeing to share the workload in a deal to offset most of the potential employee furloughs the company planned for its editorial employees. 


On Friday, May 29, NewsGuild of New York members at BuzzFeed News overwhelmingly ratified an interim agreement between the company and the Guild that saves jobs and lowers operating costs by adopting work-sharing programs for the remainder of 2020.


CNN reporter Omar Jimenez and his production team were unjustly arrested this morning while reporting on police brutality protests in Minneapolis. They were taken into custody during a live broadcast while they were simply doing their jobs.


We'll be having a membership meeting this coming Monday June 1 at 6:30pm ET to discuss our response to the company’s plan to reduce salaries for a portion of our unit. If you have questions or thoughts, I’d love to see you there. Agenda and zoom link coming soon.


Today, our Guild siblings are calling on all of us to help elevate the message that we must save the news. Across Twitter, our union and nonunion colleagues are talking about what happens “without local news,” sharing impactful stories, and highlighting why news outlets provide an essential service and are a necessary watchdog for democracy. 


From The Daily Beast |  The top media union in North America is launching a historic advocacy campaign in a desperate effort to gin up political support to help stave off the economic crunch on the news industry.



We are pleased that Maven has voluntarily recognized the SI Union. As the print, digital and video employees who make up this proud media brand, we look forward to building a strong and successful future for Sports Illustrated through a collaborative working relationship.


This morning, Quartz management announced a company-wide restructuring. People from teams across the organization will lose their jobs, but it has had an outsized impact on our unit; about half of our members are being laid off We are heartbroken to see our colleagues go—they are some of the most talented and kindest people in the business.


The pandemic has caused massive disruptions in our industry, which was already experiencing upheaval, but our work—across Condé Nast—is more essential than ever. Our staff has worked hard to keep the public informed about a generation-defining global crisis.


From The Hollywood Reporter | Ninety-six percent of the brand's digital group employees nationwide who are eligible have signed cards indicating their interest in organizing. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to lead to furloughs and layoffs at news organizations, People's digital team has announced its intention to form a union, joining its print division, which is already unionized. 


The digital editorial employees of People Magazine are seeking voluntary recognition as a union from parent company Meredith Corporation. These journalists are joining  their print colleagues as NewsGuild of New York-represented employees — breaking down the “digital divide” and accessing the same robust negotiated benefits and protections their peers have fought for and gained over the years. 



Since its founding in 1974, People has been the leading magazine of celebrity, lifestyle and human interest journalism in America. It has carved out a unique position in the media landscape, taking readers inside the lives of extraordinary people doing ordinary things and ordinary people doing extraordinary things through unparalleled access to cultural icons and everyday heroes. We, the digital editorial staffers, are proud to work at such a prestigious publication and want to ensure its continued success while valuing the contributions of all employees for years to come. 


From The Hill | As COVID-19 wreaks havoc on the finances of newsrooms that were already struggling to stay afloat, some have argued that they are beyond saving and should be allowed to drown. It doesn’t have to be this way. It will take vision and focused effort, but we can protect local news and the critical role it plays in communities across the nation.


The NewsGuild of New York, CWA Local 31003, with a membership as diverse as our city, seeks an experienced Local Representative with bargaining and mobilizing skills  ready to represent members working in a rapidly changing media industry. Applicants should be ready to hit the ground running to advocate for, communicate with, and organize news industry employees in America’s media capital.


From The New York Times | Cheered on by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others, a new generation is making gains on everything from layoff protections to gender-neutral pronouns. Can they help save the industry?


Come work with the Guild! The NewsGuild of New York seeks an experienced NYC-based organizer to join its organizing team. The organizer will report to the Organizing Director and will work directly with staff on various internal and external organizing campaigns within the media sector.


The NewsGuild of New York is pleased to announce nominations are open for the 2020 Keenan Service Award, named in honor of the late Tom Keenan, a stalwart Guild activist.


From The Daily Beast | Magazine staff have laid the groundwork to unionize for more than a year, but as the coronavirus shut down parts of the economy, organizers realized they had to make a decision.


Staffers at tech magazine and website WIRED announced today that they have formed a union with the NewsGuild of New York, joining The New Yorker, Ars Technica, and Pitchfork in the ranks of unionized publications at Condé Nast.


From its founding 27 years ago, WIRED has consistently used its platform to spur society-wide discussions about the ways technology is impacting humankind. These changes are so pivotal, as our cofounder Louis Rossetto wrote in our origin manifesto, that “their only parallel is probably the discovery of fire.” As we have chronicled these shifts, they have transformed media as a whole, including WIRED itself and the larger company of which it is a part. Now we believe it’s time for WIRED to have a protected, united voice for the staff who create this publication.


The members of The New Yorker Union, Ars Technica Union, and Pitchfork Union are pleased to welcome the editorial staff of WIRED to the NewsGuild family, which includes such esteemed publications as The New York Times, Reuters, New York Magazine, BuzzFeed News, and many more. 


From Adweek | President Susan DeCarava says the crisis 'has allowed us to put a spotlight on how essential news is.' 


Due to the industry-wide impact of the coronavirus, Vox Media announced today that it will be imposing furloughs, reduced work hours, and pay cuts that impact the New York Magazine Union members.



This week, we learned that BuzzFeed will be suspending production of our news show AM to DM, as well as another show that was in development, as a result of Twitter’s decision to stop providing funding for the projects. This is a devastating blow to our colleagues on the production teams who are losing their jobs, and a huge loss for the newsroom.


Tomorrow, our Executive Committee will host a Guild-wide Town Hall meeting at 7 p.m. to discuss the NewsGuild-CWA (our parent union) resolution calling on congress for stimulus relief for media companies across the nation experiencing financial duress as a result of this pandemic. We will also talk about how our Local is negotiating and mobilizing around COVID-19-related issues that arise in our workplaces. 


Today, our parent union, The NewsGuild-Communication Workers of America (TNG-CWA) is calling on Congress to include media workers in upcoming coronavirus stimulus packages. It is a bold initiative our Local’s Executive Committee is proud to support. 


This week, The NewsGuild of New York's Executive Committee took an historic vote of solidarity to stand with NewsGuild members across the nation. 


From CNN | Over the last few years, a wave of unionization has swept local newsrooms and digital media outlets. As the coronavirus sweeps the country, forcing media companies to enact drastic cost-cutting plans, unionized newsrooms are putting the power of collective bargaining to the test.


NewsGuild members across the U.S. and Canada have been working tirelessly to provide accurate information to our communities about the coronavirus pandemic. This kind of important journalism is needed more than ever right now.


Please be advised that, as provided in the Guild Constitution, the maximum salary on which dues may be withheld is increased each year.


BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti today announced plans to reduce salaries across the company in anticipation of the industry-wide financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic.


As the PAUSE executive order issued by Gov. Andrew Cuomo outlines, the news media is an essential service while New York State shutters all “nonessential” businesses and restricts physical interactions to slow the spread of coronavirus in our region, which has seen a major jump in cases after more testing was put in place.


The NewsGuild of New York is working to ensure that you and your colleagues are safe and up to date on any changes in policies and procedures at your workplace. We’re here to advocate for your concerns, to work with management on meeting  the challenges to come, and to support each other through this pandemic. 


In taking every precaution to ensure that NewsGuild Local staff members remain available to you during this pandemic and the resulting global shift in our work culture, the physical Guild office at 1500 Broadway is temporarily closing through the end of March.


While the spread of coronavirus widens and the cases of COVID-19 increase, we’re focused on how this affects your physical safety and working conditions.


As we meet the demands of never-ending news, it’s more important than ever to safeguard your health. At the same time that government officials are  advising individuals and businesses about how best to prepare for a potential COVID-19 outbreak, NewsGuild representatives are gathering information to protect you.


Today the American Arbitration Association conducted a vote count for the NBC News Digital Unit Chair election. Ballots were sent to 131 eligible voters, and 84 ballots were received by the deadline.


From WWDIt made it company policy, but The NewsGuild argues that it should be enshrined in union bargaining contracts.


NewsGuild of New York members have made it clear that they will not stand by while companies shield harassers at the expense of worker safety. The Guild is committed to abolishing the use of non-disclosure agreements in the media industry and is proud of our members for leading this effort in our newsrooms.


From The Daily Beast | The move came amid pressure from New Yorker staffers to eliminate the controversial practice, which the magazine had famously exposed in its reporting on Harvey Weinstein.


Last night at our Winter Membership Meeting the Guild’s Diversity Committee introduced our first-ever union-wide diversity and inclusion census. It is a brief and anonymous demographic survey designed to collect the data necessary to help make our newsrooms and our workplaces better reflect our communities. Most importantly, it will provide us with a broad baseline against which to measure the results of employer efforts to hire, retain and promote traditionally underrepresented groups in our workplaces. 


The nomination and election to fill the positions of Chairperson, First Vice Chairperson, and Secretary of the NBC News Digital unit of NewsGuild of New York, Local 31003, The NewsGuild-CWA, AFL-CIO CLC  (the “Unit”)  shall be conducted in accordance with the Bylaws of the NewsGuild of New York, the Constitution of the NewsGuild, the CWA Constitution,  Federal Law, and these rules adopted by the Local Election Committee on January 20, 2020.  


BuzzFeed News Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith announced today that he'll be leaving BuzzFeed in March. 


The NewsGuild of New York seeks an experienced NYC-based organizer to join its organizing team. The organizer will report to the Organizing Director and will work directly with staff on various internal and external organizing initiatives in the media sector.


The Deadline Club's journalism competition, one of the most prestigious in New York, draws hundreds of entries each year. The 2020 contest covers work that was published or broadcast in 2019 by news organizations in the New York metropolitan area. 


From The Washington Post | The staff of Sports Illustrated plans to unionize, it told management on Monday, saying it wants a greater say in the future of the iconic magazine, and raising concerns about the magazine’s direction under its new operator, Maven.


We, the editorial staff of Sports Illustrated, are uniting to fight for the future of the publication that has stood for the best in sports journalism for more than 60 years.


Over 90% of the 80-person staff have signed on to the effort under new operator TheMaven.