LOCAL BULLETIN - The popular digital video training program the Guild offered in the spring of 2010 is coming back for a six-week engagement for Guild members in New York. From Dec. 13 through Jan. 22, the Guild will offer the course nine times at no charge for Guild members only. Space is limited, so don't hesitate to sign up if you're interested in aquiring a new skill to keep pace in these fast-moving times.


LOCAL BULLETIN - A small group of employees at The Forward Association, publisher of Jewish newspapers and digital media, recently voted unanimously to name the Newspaper Guild of New York as their bargaining agent.


LOCAL BULLETIN - A Guild drive to organize a business unit at The Forward Association was given a major boost recently when the National Labor Relations Board found that three out of four individuals the company claimed were not appropriate for union coverage were, in fact, eligible to vote in the upcoming election.


LOCAL BULLETIN - The Guild will hold its semi-annual meeting for members from all units on June 28 to present the 2011 Keenan Service Award, to update members on the state of the Guild and to offer a preview of next month's CWA convention. This year's Keenan Award goes to Time Inc. Unit Chair Jill Jaroff.


LOCAL BULLETIN - Jill Jaroff, who stepped up to fill a leadership void at the Time Inc. unit and went on to improve the working lives of her Guild-represented co-workers by uncovering previously overlooked contract provisions, is the winner of the 2011 Thomas M. Keenan Newspaper Guild of New York Service Award. The award will be presented to her at a meeting open to all Guild members on Tuesday, June 28.


LOCAL BULLETIN - The Guild is pleased to announce the opening of nominations for its annual award in honor of Tom Keenan, a former chairperson of The New York Times unit who died in 2000. Each year, the Keenan award honors the outstanding contributions of a Guild member. Nominations are open until Friday, June 3 at 6 p.m. EDT.


LOCAL BULLETIN - On April 4 thousands of CWA members in New York City gathered outside City Hall Park to express their solidarity with union members across the nation. Chris Shelton, CWA Vice President, spoke.


LOCAL BULLETIN - New York Times Digital Unit Chair Erik Piepenburg has been officially elected to the Executive Committee. A full slate of delegates and alternates to the upcoming 2011 CWA convention have also been officially elected.


LOCAL BULLETIN - The New York Guild's Representative Assembly (RA) nominated Erik Piepenburg as it's candidate to fill a vacancy on the Executive Committee. The RA also nominated a full slate of delegates and alternates to the upcoming 2011 CWA convention.


LOCAL BULLETIN - There's a lot going on in the news business today and it affects everybody who works in it, if not directly then indirectly. The Guild is on the front lines of the turmoil in our industry, fighting for the rights and working standards of journalists and all others who work in the news business. Come to the Guild's annual membership meeting to find out more.