Trainings & Classes

Whether in-person or online, NewsGuild Members are eligible for a variety of continuing education and training opportunities.

NewsGuild of New York Trainings & Workshops

Alongside our Panels, Screenings, and Networking Events, the NewsGuild of New York offers Trainings and Workshops on a variety of subjects. Past sessions have included: 

  • Social Media for Journalists
  • Guild Bargaining & Mobilization
  • Internal Organizing & Member Engagement

You can find information on our Events Page about upcoming trainings and other NewsGuild of New York programming. While some of these events are open to the public, many are for NewsGuild members only. And our members always have priority over the public!

CWA/NETT Academy

As members of our parent union, Communications Workers of America (CWA), NewsGuild members are eligible to take part in CWA's online training courses at CWA/NETT Academy - the official  training  site for CWA members. Their “Core” courses are in-depth, college-like classes, while their “Explore” courses are 6-week classes "designed to provide excellent short term training in a variety of topics." Visit the CWA/NETT Academy site for more information.