STATEMENT from the Daily Beast Union regarding buyout negotiations

‘The past few weeks have proven that The Daily Beast Union is stronger and more united than ever.’


In light of recent developments within The Daily Beast, we have secured a robust buyout plan for our members, which will allow them to decide for themselves if they wish to leave the company on their own terms.

We can confirm that while our new leaders hire for new, non-guild roles, they also plan to cut $1.5 million in unit-member salaries, plus further cuts outside the union. We are proud to have won a respectful offer for unit members who wish to leave voluntarily.

The deal includes generous payouts for members based on seniority tiers. We have also won three months of healthcare continuance as well as accrued vacation payouts. Our payout structure guarantees that no one walks away with less than 8 weeks’ pay, while our highest-tenured employees could walk away with more than three times that amount.


If enough members choose to apply for a buyout to satisfy the company's desired savings, there will be a moratorium on all Guild layoffs until Dec. 31, 2024. Should we exceed $1.5 million, applications will be accepted based on seniority.

We've seen reports that our new management created and proposed this to the union, which is inaccurate. Our Bargaining Committee worked for weeks and met with the membership to develop and negotiate this package. Despite ominous stories we've seen about potential layoffs, the reality is more complex. Because our contract is currently expired, it is our position (along with the NewsGuild of New York) that any layoffs must be negotiated. The Company, recognizing the fight that was to come over potential illegal layoffs, agreed to negotiate with us on a respectful buyout for our members that greatly exceeds our contract's severance terms.

The past few weeks have proven that The Daily Beast Union is stronger and more united than ever. We are proud of what we have achieved, and whatever decision our colleagues make, we are heartened to know that our solidarity has won us the fair terms we deserve. We stand alongside our unionized media colleagues everywhere as we all continue to fight for the fairness and respect we deserve.

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