Meetings Set To Ratify Guild’s Contract Proposal

Bargaining Begins This Month


We’ve scheduled meetings around the United States so Guild members can learn about and ratify our contract proposals in advance of negotiations, which are set to begin by the end of October. These proposals are based largely on responses to the survey we sent out in September. At these meetings, you’ll be able to ask questions and voice concerns. Unit Chair Debby Zabarenko, Guild Representative John Phillips and/or New York Guild Secretary-Treasurer Peter Szekely will be there to discuss the proposals.

The proposals must be ratified by our members before negotiations begin, and we will hold ratification votes at these meetings. For those who are not in the cities listed below, we’ll try to set up telephone conference calls so you can listen in to a meeting.

Here’s the schedule:
Washington: Monday Oct 20, Café Mozart, 6 p.m.

Hauppauge: Tuesday Oct 21, location TBA, 2-4 p.m.

New York: Tuesday Oct 21, Guild office, 1501 Broadway, Suite 708 6 p.m.

Chicago: Wednesday Oct 22, time and location TBA

Miami: Wednesday, Oct 22, 5 p.m., location TBA

Los Angeles (S. Figueroa): Thursday Oct 23, location and time TBA
Los Angeles (Burbank): Thursday Oct 23 location and time TBA

San Francisco: Friday Oct 24, location and time TBA

Boston: Friday Oct 24, lunch time, location TBA

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