Employee Free Choice Is Just One Click Away


This month's election results increase the chances that the Employee Free Choice Act - and the empowerment it will bring to workers who want a union - will become the law of the land. But it still faces a tough battle. So, a strong show of support from people like you may make all the difference.

That's why we decided to make one more appeal - our last one, we promise - to ask you to join more than 1 million others by showing your support for the Act, if you haven't already done so.

Thousands of Guild members across the country, and nearly one-quarter of our Local's members, have already signed the labor movement's million-member petition in support of the Act.

You can do it in two minutes. Just CLICK HERE and select "Local 31003." Your name and the other million will be presented to the new Congress and to President-elect Barack Obama in January.

Business groups are already waging a well-funded campaign of distortions against the Employee Free Choice Act. So, it's important that we remember the facts:

n    The Employee Free Choice Act will enable employees who want a union to get one quicker and with less risk.

n    It will give them a choice of simply signing up a majority of their co-workers, or using the current election process.

n    It will assure a first contract for newly organized workers by requiring binding arbitration if there is no agreement.

n    It will penalize employers who break the law.

Thanks for all of your help.

In Solidarity,

Bill O'Meara

Peter Szekely





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