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Join us on July 25 at 6:30 p.m. for Skills Training: Digital Security 201 with is the Freedom of the Press Foundation's Director of Newsroom Digital Security, Harlo Holmes. 


NY Guild June Media Mixer

Join Us at the Guild's Monthly Media Mixer!

Journalists from across the city met up at the Guild's monthly Media Mixer, which happens the second Wednesday of every month. There's always food, drinks, and good conversation. Come join us next month on Wednesday, August 9. 

Member Spotlight

Get to know Guild member and New York Times reporter Ken Belson better with 10 Questions.

Video: ‘Invest In Us’

At a time when reporting the facts means more than ever, the New York Times’s dedicated employees are the company's best investment.

Organize With Us

Democracy depends on journalism, and there’s no better time for media organizations to unionize.


Hilary Russ

Journalist, Reuters

“One of the NewsGuild’s biggest strengths is that they understand the journalism business so well. We all want to do the best journalism we can. And it’s important to know that it’s not just about a contract… the Guild wants to make sure that their journalists are doing the best work that they can. And that’s important to me because I care about the quality of the work that I do.”

Richard Perez-Pena

Reporter, New York Times

"I've worked in non-union shops where the pay was lousy, the benefits were lousy, there was no protection from the whims of bosses, there wasn't much camaraderie among the employees, and people couldn't wait to move on. I know that I and the people around me are better off dealing with management as part of a unified team with rights, rather than as individuals with little power, who can be played off against each other."

Erik Piepenburg

Senior Theater Editor, New York Times

"So much of the digital world involves being on call for what feels like 24-hours-a-day, with a news cycle that never stops. One of the biggest differences for me and my digital colleagues is that the NewsGuild has our back, understands the need for a balance between work and life, and makes sure we’re properly compensated for the time that we work. Being represented by the Guild has made a huge difference for us."

Guild member Bill Hooper's grasp on Time Inc.'s history is more than personal. It's almost paternal.

Protest signs have a way of going straight to the heart of a matter, cutting extraneous words to convey information in a way that’s clear and concise, but never dull. They’re poster-board illustrations of what copy editors do on a grand scale every day, meticulous work that is as vital to journalism as reporting itself.

Leading a union of journalists is a unique challenge in the arena of labor advocacy, where nothing is as powerful as solidarity.

We have an opening for a staff writer here at Nieman Lab. If you’re interested, apply over here! The job’s pretty easy to describe: You see all the stories on this website? The ones about journalism innovation — changes in how news gets reported, produced, distributed, discovered, consumed, and paid for? This job is about...

The public editor is no more at The New York Times. For 14 years, following the Jayson Blair scandal, a succession of public editors read thousands of reader complaints, investigated claims of journalistic malpractices, and published their findings unfiltered, naming names and calling foul when they saw fit. It’s a job few envied but most people in journalism […]

Shortly after The New York Times eliminated its public editor position, BuzzFeed asked: Why have a public editor when Twitter will do it for free? In an attempt to answer the question, BuzzFeed Editor in Chief Ben Smith talked to Margaret Sullivan, a former New York Times public editor who is now a media critic […]

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